How do I reserve items?

You must register for an account and purchase a membership package to reserve items.  To create an account and purchase a membership package click CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the home page.  Fill in the required fields and follow the steps to purchase a membership package. Once you create an account and select a membership package, you can reserve items 24 hours a day using our website.

To reserve items, log in to your account by clicking the LOG IN button on the home page. Enter your email address and password, then click LOGIN. Search for and click VIEW DETAILS for the item you are interested in borrowing. Use the calendar function to view the dates the item is available. Choose your pick up and return dates on the calendar. Once you have chosen your reservation period (7 to 28 days), click RENT. You can either continue adding more reservations or complete the check-out process. The items you borrow will be deducted from your membership package limit. 


PLEASE NOTE: Once you have submitted an order, you cannot remove or change individual items. There is currently no REMOVE feature in your account.  If you'd like to change or remove an item after it is submitted, please contact the Learning Collection staff and they will be happy to assist you.


How long can I borrow items?

Items can be borrowed for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of 28 days.  


How many items can I borrow at one time?

Borrowers can rent up to four items at a time.  Typically we suggest that you borrow no more than two Experience Boxes and two Exhibit Cases during any given reservation period. We've found that this is plenty of materials to fill your time. If you wish to borrow a large quantity of items at one time, please email for assistance.


Can I change my reservation pick up date?

To change your reservation pick up date, remove the item from your SHOPPING CART by clicking on the TRASH icon and reserve the item again. When you reserve the item again, you can choose a new reservation pickup date. This will not count against your limit of item reservations.  Please email for assistance.  


Can I change my reservation drop off date?

If you wish to return your items earlier than your original reservation, you are always welcome to do so.  If you wish to extend your reservation and borrow items for more than your confirmed reservation period, the extension must be approved. Email or call 312-665-7555 to request an extension.  Not all extension requests can be granted. If an item is scheduled to be used by another borrower, we will not be able to extend your reservation.


Where can I view the number of reservations remaining in my package?

The number of items currently available in your package can be found once you log in to your account.  The number appears on the left hand side between the buttons for Log Out and Home.  For example, it will say Rent Limit: 5, if you have 5 reservations left.  If you are looking at the screen from a mobile device, the number may appear at the top of the page.


What happens if I use up all the items from my package?

If you use all the reservations from your package before the 12 month expiration of your membership package, and attempt to make a new reservation online, you will be prompted to purchase a new membership package.  Please select a new package from the MEMBERSHIPS button on the home page.